Gum Disease Dental Treatment in Stockport

Tooth loss is mainly caused by gum disease and it is entirely preventable.

If you detect any signs of bleeding around the gum line, with or without brushing your teeth, you should visit the Charisma Clinic immediately. Receding gums and bad breath are also early signs of gum disease but it can be treated successfully and controlled if you practice good oral hygiene everyday.

Otherwise known as gingivitis, if your gums are left without being treated this will turn into a serious condition called periodontal disease which will eventually affect the the bone that holds your teeth. Once this occurs it is highly likely you will lose a tooth. Periodontics can treat the disease but it is a painful process so looking after your teeth is the best long term solution.

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For further information on gum disease please contact a member of the Charisma team on 0161 483 5433 or email
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