Facial Aesthetics Payment Plans in Stockport

If you would like more information about our direct debit services and what they include, please contact Charisma, your dentist in Stockport, for more informaton.

What is Charisma clinic facial aesthetic scheme?

Is it a direct debit scheme spreading the cost of your dental health check up and cleaning over 12 months.

How does it work?

Simply, set up the direct debit in the practice, or we will send you a link for you to fill in your details.

Does it need a credit check?

No credit check needed.

Do I have to stick with the plan for 12 months?

No, you can cancel the direct debit at any time.

What are the benefits of joining our payment plan service?

Spreading the cost of facial aesthetic treatment over 12 months.

50% OFF home teeth whitening kit.

50% OFF lipofirm pro treatment.

50% OFF dental health check-ups and scale and polish.

50% OFF extra dermal filler syringe.

0% interest rate.


You don't have to carry your wallet or cards to pay for your facial aesthetic treatment, simply head into the dental practice and leave once your facial aesthetic treatment is over.

When can I start using the facial aesthetic treatment payment plan service?

You can start immediately.

How does it work?

Example New patient:

  • New patient for BOTOX one area including FREE top up (must pay at the first visit) £155.00
  • Four-times a year, one visit, every three-months £620.00
  • Join the scheme for 12 months £52 per month

  • BOTOX TWO area £205.00
  • Four times a year, one visit, every three months £69.00 Per Month

  • BOTOX THREE area £255.00
  • Join 12 months payment plan, total £1020
  • £85.00 Per Month

  • Dermal Fillers

  • Dermal Fillers Juvederm 2, 0.5ml one syringe cost £180.00
  • Two visits during 12 months, total £360
  • £30.00 Per Month

  • Dermal Fillers Juvederm 3, 0.5ml syringe cost £200.00
  • Two visits during 12 months, total £400
  • £33.50 Per Month

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