Dentures in Stockport

Bring back that confident smile with comfortable partial or full dentures.

Tooth loss can occur at any age and it can be quite an unsettling experience. At Charisma Clinic we can replace one or a few missing teeth with a partial denture. If all the teeth are missing then we can provide you with a full set of dentures. A well fitted denture will help you to not only restore your smile but enable you to eat, speak and function properly.

Dentures are removable and they are commonly known as false teeth. They are made of acrylic, nylon or metal and can appear like natural teeth. The dental procedure requires an impression to be made first and it may take a short while before you have your final dentures made. Several appointments will be required for trial fitments and you will need to allow time to get used to wearing them. Once you are happy with your new dentures, our dentist will advise you on how to keep them clean and your gums healthy.

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Case Study

Before picture of crowns and bridges
After picture of crowns and bridges

For further information on full or partial dentures please contact a member of the Charisma team on 0161 483 5433 or email

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