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✓ Refresh and enhance your natural look ✓ Bring back that self confidence with younger looking skin ✓ No surgical procedure ✓ Painless injection

If you're looking for a trusted and highly experienced Botox treatment expert near you in Cheshire, our friendly and 5* state-of-the-art Stockport clinic can help.

Our expert facial aesthetics team includes our highly experienced principal dentist, Dr. Talal Khalil (GDC No: 205679), who has helped hundreds of patients from all parts of Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

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Anti wrinkle treatment in Cheshire

Whoever you pick for anti wrinkle treatment in Cheshire, ensure that like ourselves, they:

We aim to be the best provider of wrinkle reduction treatments in Cheshire by offering free top ups, fantastic service, great prices and stunning results.

Please note you must first attend a consultation so that we can understand your requirements and determine if you are actually suitable for this treatment.

Botox prices near me

To help keep this treatment affordable, we ensure our wrinkle reduction prices are extremely competitive when compared to other Botox dentists near you in Stockport and Cheshire.

Injections therefore cost from £180 for one area. The usual areas we treat are vertical frown lines, crows feet and horizontal forehead lines so our prices reflect this.

Botox offers in Stockport - multiple treatment areas

If you're only concerned about your crows feet then just go for one area, but if you want an overall younger looking face then you can choose three treatment areas at an excellent discount:

Botox treatment Price
1 treatment area £180
2 treatment areas £230
3 treatments areas £280

All treatments include a FREE top up after 2 weeks - no-one else offers this near us.

Meet our anti wrinkle expert

Talal Khalil Botox doctor near me

Dr Talal Khalil, PhD

Hi, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with some information about my professional background. My name is Dr. Talal Khalil (GDC No: 205679) and I graduated in General dentistry from Safarik University in Slovakia in 2002.

I started my career as a dentist working at the Louis Pasteur Faculty Hospital where I gained extensive experience in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. My interest in oral surgery and associated academic work grew whilst working with eminent dentists and oral surgeons at the faculty teaching hospital.

I continue to keep my knowledge and skills up to date by working alongside highly experienced and skilful professionals and attending courses and workshops to familiarise myself with latest procedures and techniques in dentistry and aesthetic procedures.

In addition to my dentistry experience, I am now highly experienced at providing facial aesthetic procedures such as dermal / lip fillers and non-surgical anti-wrinkle injections.

Botox treatment areas

Treatments for wrinkle reduction are available for both men and women and help to smooth out creases in the skin such as vertical frown lines, horizontal forehead creases, eyebrow lift, crow's feet, bunny lines, vertical lip lines, depressed lip corners, pebble chin and vertical neck bands.

If you're bothered about lines around the mouth (nasolabial lines) and or want your lips fuller then we can treat this with dermal fillers.

Botox treatment areas

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Forehead before anti wrinkle injection in Stockport

Forehead wrinkles before treatment

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Forehead wrinkles after treatment


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