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Looking for affordable and expert Invisalign in Burnley from a highly experienced dentist? Our state-of-the-art teeth straightening clinic can help.

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What is an Apex Elite Invisalign Provider?

This is the second-highest provider status available worldwide, demonstrating our vast experience in straightening teeth with the Invisalign system. To achieve this status, a dentist must perform at least 50 Invisalign cases every 6 months and have treated at least 300 cases in total.

We want you to feel confident and secure when entrusting us with your orthodontic needs, which is why all of our dentists and hygienists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). In addition, our practice is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so that we can ensure quality care is provided for every patient.

Invisalign cost in Burnley

We make it easy for you to obtain the finest Invisalign treatment at Charisma Clinic by providing affordable solutions. Our prices are kept as low as possible in comparison to other Invisalign providers in Burnley to make sure this innovative treatment plan is accessible to everyone.

To further help with the cost of Invisalign, we are also proud to offer 24 months 0% credit to help you to manage the cost of your treatment. Occassionally we run special offers to help you maximise the benefit of your treatment.

Procedure Cost
Consultation inc small x-rays and treatment options £180
Invisalign treatment (upper or lower arch) from £2,700

Meet our Invisalign team

Talal Khalil experienced Invisalign dentist near me

Dr. Talal Khalil, PhD

My name is Dr. Talal Khalil (GDC No: 205679), a qualified dental surgeon having graduated in general dentistry at Safarik University in Slovakia in 2002.

I started my dental career at the Louis Pasteur Faculty Hospital where I gained experience in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. My interests include oral surgery and I have been incredibly lucky to work with some of the most skilled and experienced oral surgeons at the faculty teaching hospital.

I am proud to keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date by working closely with a wide range of highly experienced clinicians. I regularly attend workshops and courses to keep abreast of the latest developments in the dental profession.

My goal is to help transform smiles with the help of the latest dental techniques. I am proud to be able to restore smiles and boost confidence.

Achieve straighter teeth without traditional fixed braces

Are you self-conscious about your smile and concerned that braces will only make matters worse?

You don’t even have to think about traditional braces, wires, and unpleasant aligners anymore; try Invisalign instead, which straightens teeth with discreet removable aligners designed to the wearer's specific requirements.

Unlike other orthodontic treatments that may be uncomfortable and awkward, Invisalign uses gentle methods to reposition your teeth without drawing too much attention. With Invisalign, you can fix common dental concerns such as overbites, underbites, crooked teeth and gaps between teeth in a safe and efficient manner.

Invisalign is also completely removable, so patients can eat and drink whatever they want, whenever they want instead of having to follow a limited diet. If your desire is to improve your smile, Invisalign could be perfect for you. It can give you the smile always wanted while still allowing you to live a normal life.

Who is a suitable candidate for Invisalign?

It's a common misconception that Invisalign can only treat mild cases. Around 90% of all orthodontic cases can be addressed with Invisalign. It's very likely that you could be a candidate if you have any of the following alignment issues:

Invisalign may also be used to help children with their developing jaws and arches, as well as address any pre-existing problems that may worsen with time.

Case studies of our Invisalign treatments

Patient before Invisalign in Burnley

Patient before Invisalign

Patient after Invisalign braces near me

Patient after Invisalign

Patient before Invisalign at Charisma Clinic Burnley

Patient before Invisalign

After Invisalign treatment near me at Charisma Clinic

Patient after Invisalign


Try on a new smile in 60 secs - download the SmileView PDF take a selfie and start your SmileView experience.

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24 months 0% credit available,
Call 01282 690 182 to see how we can help

Our latest Invisalign patient reviews via Google Business

Invisalign braces Reviewed by Kirsty Pickering on "Had a fantastic experience with Amir & Charisma clinic, everything was managed professionally and I’m delighted with my Invisalign result.

Amir was professional and very easy to communicate with, especially regarding adjustments to retainers and if there was anything I wanted to address, ordering more aligners would be absolutely fine.

I throughly recommend charisma clinic as my process from teeth I hated to now was just flawless. Plus being open on Saturdays really really helps!"
Rating: 5

5 star Google review rating


Invisalign braces Reviewed by Kirsty Pickering on "If I could give 100 stars I would. I have just completed my Invisalign journey with Amir, he is literally the best cosmetic dentist on the planet! Amir and his team are just wonderful, so friendly and knowledgeable. I am so happy with the results, I literally can not stop smiling!

Thank you all so so much. You are all amazing!"
Rating: 5

5 star Google review rating


Invisalign braces Reviewed by Jessica Matthews on "I started my treatment with Olivia for Invisalign in November. She has been really helpful and professional- the difference in just a couple of months is amazing!!

Looking forward to finishing my treatment and the end result."
Rating: 5

5 star Google review rating


Invisalign braces Reviewed by Natalie Barton on "Amazing experience throughout all my dentistry work here at Charisma Clinic. My journey started with a friendly and hopeful consultation with Dr Rohan who advised me on the options we could take to achieve my desired smile.
Going private here at Charisma Clinic eliminated long waiting lists and the feeling of a rushed process.

My treatment included, Invisalign, whitening and bonding for the finishing touches and I couldn’t be any more grateful for the final outcome. You guys are fabulous and extremely hard working. Even though my journey was right in the middle of a pandemic, the quality of care you guys gave never faltered.

A special thanks to Rohan, who took me on this exciting journey and for giving me outstanding, finishing results. And also a special thanks to Khadija for always giving a warm welcome at the Clinic and for answering all my queries.

You never realise how much confidence you can gain from a healthy, beautiful smile. Natalie"
Rating: 5

5 star Google review rating


At your Invisalign consultation in Burnley

During your initial consultation, we will explore your dental issues and orthodontic concerns and explain how Invisalign teeth straightening systems might help to correct them.

We will assess your jaw and teeth to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

To help make this treatment as affordable as possible, we offer 24 months 0% credit (subject to status). Please see our fees page to see our latest prices and offers.

How the Invisalign treatment procedure works

Your new smile will begin as soon as you receive your case of aligners. You need to wear each aligner for around 20 to 22 hours per day. You should only remove them to eat, drink and care for your teeth.

Every aligner is designed to help move your teeth slowly on a step-by-step basis. After two weeks, you will swap to the next aligner in the set, which will then start to make further adjustments to your smile.

Since your aligners can be changed at home, you won’t need to book time visiting the dentist or orthodontist for corrections like you would with fixed braces. This makes the treatment plan much easier for those with busy schedules.

Once you reach the end of your treatment plan, you will switch to a retainer that is worn at night time. This will help to keep your teeth in the correct position so you can continue to enjoy your new smile.

Treatment times vary depending on the severity of your individual case. The majority of treatment plans will take between 12 to 18 months.

What are the unique benefits of Invisalign?

  • The clear aligners make this tooth straightening process much more discreet than metal braces.

  • Invisalign makes gradual adjustments to your smile with each bespoke aligner slowly moving your teeth towards the desired position. Each set of aligners can be changed at home, so there are fewer trips to the dentist required.

  • These aligners are removable, so you can take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth. This means no foods are off limits.

  • Invisalign is made from SmartTrack® material, which is easy to clean and maintain. They are also less likely to leave marks on your teeth, which is a common concern with fixed braces.

  • They are custom-made for your teeth and gum line, which makes them more comfortable than other treatment options.

  • Modern technology allows you to see the expected results before treatment begins, which makes it easier to stay on track with the treatment plan.

  • Invisalign can be carried out on its own, or as a pre-treatment for more extensive aesthetic or restorative dental work.

  • This relatively quick teeth straightening procedure is clinically proven to get results, and millions of happy patients will agree that it offers distinct advantages over other treatment plans.


Ready for stunning straight teeth with Invisalign?

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