Dental Crowns & Bridges in Stockport

Dental crown and bridges to fix broken teeth and fill toothless gaps.

Teeth that have been severely damaged may require a dental crown. If you have chipped, broken or fractured a tooth then our dentist will look to saving as much of the tooth as possible and restore its shape and function with a hard wearing and long lasting dental crown. On your first visit a impression is taken and then sent to a dental laboratory for the exact shaped crown to be made. This will take several days and a temporary crown may be fitted. Once your new crown arrives, we will arrange a second appointment with you where your crown will be fitted with a special strong adhesive.

In some cases where there is a gap, we can fill the space with a dental bridge and use the adjacent teeth to provide the support. The crowns are made from a strong porcelain material and can be shaped and coloured to appear natural and to the shade of the rest of your teeth. Once fitted you can enjoy eating immediately.

Case Study

Patient before Smile Makeover

Patient before Smile Makeover

Patient after Smile Makeover

Patient after crowns, bridge & implants

Before picture of Dental Crowns

Patient before crowns & veneers

After picture of Dental Crowns

Patient after crowns & veneers

Before picture of crowns and bridges
After picture of crowns and bridges
For further information on crowns & bridges please contact a member of the Charisma team on 0161 483 5433 or email

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